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Greatest Children Stories 1: Heroes & Adventures
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CD $15.98

Greatest Children Stories offers the most inspiring, adventurous and heart-warming Sacred Stories from around the world. Our downloadable Audio Books and CDs are filled with moral stories for kids to keep them entertained, uplifted and inspired. Enjoy inspirational stories from our collection like: - The Adventures of Rama from the Ramayana - King Banyan Deer from the Jataka Tales - David and Goliath from the Old Testament - The Virgin of Guadalupe ( ...and more) We have brought together the voices of Broadway, Film and Television actors with music and sound effects from our award-winning composer, Scott DeTurk, to make these audio books come to life for children and adults of all ages. Each story is filled with morals and spiritual lessons that are universal and fun for kids! **Enjoy a Free companion Ebook wth each CD ** Greatest Children Stories brings the world's children together in a spirit of UNITY. By teaching morals like faith, courage, kindness, generosity and brotherly love, we share universal messages that are at the heart of all great religions and spiritual paths. Enjoy these audio books and Ebooks for children that educate, entertain, and inspire. VALUES - Promote spiritual education with fun, engaging and uplifting stories. - Promote tolerance, understanding and respect for all cultures and faiths. - Honor and celebrate our diversity. - Unveil the universal truths that are at the core of world religions. - Promote peace and brotherly love. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: 'I just listened to 'The Adventures of Rama.' The story is fabulous! What a professional production, filled with dramatic acting and musical accompaniment! Children of all ages will enjoy this action-filled audio re-enactment of the classic India legend! Congratulations to you for producing such a quality product!' - Pat Swenson (Teacher) 'As a mother, grandmother and counselor, hearing these rich stories has brought to my attention the incredible benefits for children and for the deepening bond between them and their caretakers! At the core, I see these stories offering children opportunities to feel compassion and acceptance, which is a key to living a happy and balanced life, and for understanding the potential consequences for misbehavior, along with strengthening their developing moral character. I believe they will foster children's conscious awareness of their own unique inner beauty, and that of others in the world. As the stories spark the child's creative imagination, this gives the caretaker opportunities to answer questions by explaining or reinforcing deeper aspects and values inherent in the stories. I truly feel that the presentation of each story has been executed with superior quality and that the beautifully authentic cultural accents and music will be enchantingly captivating to children of all ages, including me! Bless you, Suzanne, for your beautiful service to children!' - Susan Granata (MFT, Spiritual Psychologist) 'Delightful and enchanting. Deep human wisdom comes to life and captures the imagination of all the young at heart. A wonderful addition to everyone's library.' - Francine Beauvoir, Ph. D. (Clinical Psychologist) 'What an exciting and beautiful venture! I found the story-tellers to be authentic, engaging and fun to listen to. The whole production inspired my imagination and created vivid images in my mind as I closed my eyes and went on a little ride...Much success and abundance!' - Peter Pergelides 'I love the ambient music, the authentic voices, accents of the narrators, and the scripts writing of the stories themselves. They draw you in! Brava!' - Christie Lynn Lawrence (The Virgin of Guadalupe) 'LISTENING TO THIS DIVINE TALE NEARLY BROUGHT ME TO TEARS. BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED! EXCELLENT VOICES.' - anonymous 'The stories are vibrant and colorful. A great delivery and approach to expanding some young horizons.' - David Harrer 'Suzanne- what an incredible site you have created. It is a gift to all children, their parents and their grandparents.' - Margie Ikerd 'Suzanne, you are doing something wonderful for the world! Keep up the good work!' - Lyndra Seely Uzan 'WOW! This is story telling at it's best. The voices are remarkable and the sound effects are awesome. These are the kind of stories to listen to over and over again.' - Rick Carlton (my husband!) A MESSAGE FROM THE AUTHOR As a Broadway dancer, singer and actress I enjoyed a 28 year career in the theatre and had the opportunity to work with so many gifted actors, singers, dancers, directors, and musicians. After years of performing and creating shows, my contribution still felt incomplete. I was looking for a more meaningful way to connect with people on a deeper level. As I continued to pursue my spiritual practice, I could feel something new coming forth. Gradually the vision for Greatest Children Stories emerged, and I started researching stories from various religions and cultures. I have been following a spiritual path for most of my life. I grew up attending Catholic school, and have since journeyed to India and have been practicing yoga meditation for many years. I was already familiar with some of the stories from the Christian, Jewish and Hindu traditions. As I began researching other stories, I was delighted to discover the beautiful messages from other faiths: like the belief that 'All are equal in God's eyes' from the Sikh religion. I read about compassion, loving kindness, and right behavior from the Buddhist Jataka Tales, a series of stories about the Buddha with many endearing animals as the main characters. I enjoyed the wisdom of the ages expressed through humor while reading through many Islamic stories. The more I read, the more I saw the similarity of spiritual truth that exists in all great world religions and spiritual paths. And the stories are FUN! I thought of religion as boring as a young girl, and here I was reading stories of action and adventure and sweet loving kindness. It is my joy and privilege to use my 'show biz' background to bring these stories to life for children as well as the young at heart. Many hours have been spent in studios throughout Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. I have teamed up with amazingly talented actors who breathe life into these stories. My composer extraordinaire, Scott DeTurk, has created magical soundtracks and special effects. The 'swoosh' of an arrow, the rumbling of GIANT footsteps, and the mystical sounds of angels are combined with moving musical scores that honor the world cultures. The listener feels as if he were there. My goal is to create spiritual stories that are entertaining and engaging for children and the adult listeners. What a great way to bond with children and grandchildren with deep heartfelt spiritual stories. I hope you enjoy listening to these stories as much as I have enjoyed creating them. They are really not my stories. They are the Ancient Sacred Stories from the ages. I just have the wonderful privilege of retelling them. Enjoy! With heartfelt regards, Suzanne Carlton.

Title: Greatest Children Stories 1: Heroes & Adventures
Genre: Children's Video
Label: CD Baby
Attributes: Professionally Duplicated CD
Release Date: 5/14/2014
Product Type: CD
UPC: 753182824888
Item #: 1246028X

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