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Your Baby Girls Very Own Song

Your Baby Girls Very Own Song


~ Grandbob

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CD $9.98
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Product Notes

This album of baby girl's names combines a catchy melody and rhythm with the name of your baby girl. Your baby's song will repeat her name in every line along with a positive message ending with 'I love you so.' What better way to give your baby a positive self-image than to play her very own song over and over again, or to learn the lyrics yourself and sing them to her! You can purchase the entire album and share your friends' babies' names with them, or go to your favorite download site and download one song at a time. LYRICS (Fill in your child's name): You're my little cutie, (CHILD'S NAME), You make me want to sing. . You're my little cutie, (CHILD'S NAME), Oh what joy you bring. . You're my little sugar, (CHILD'S NAME), You're my honey bee. . You're my little sugar, (CHILD'S NAME),You bring sweet things to me (CHILD'S NAME), (CHILD'S NAME), there's one thing you should know. . .(CHILD'S NAME), Oh (CHILD'S NAME), I love you so You're my little sunshine, (CHILD'S NAME), you're my shining star. . You're my little sunshine (CHILD'S NAME), Oh what a gift you are . . You're my little sweetie, (CHILD'S NAME),You're the apple of my eye. . You're my little sweetie, (CHILD'S NAME), I look at you and smile (CHILD'S NAME), (CHILD'S NAME), there's one thing you should know. . .(CHILD'S NAME), Oh (CHILD'S NAME), I love you so. Grandbob is a gifted songwriter and popular children's music entertainer who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. All of Grandbob's songs are kid-friendly, wholesome and positive. Look for his other catchy albums, 'Giggle and Grin With Grandbob,' nominee for Best Children's Album of 1998 by the Nashville Music Awards, and 'Wiggle and Waggle With Grandbob,' a fitting follow up to that first classic.

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    Artist: Grandbob
    Title: Your Baby Girls Very Own Song
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 3/8/2005
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637313374
    UPC: 634479096778
    Item #: SRD909677
    This product is a special order