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Twilight Comes Tiptoeing
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CD $18.98

Northern California's Ginger Parish, singer-songwriter and music educator, offers this collection of lullabies to delight and soothe you and the children in your lives. Ginger was a founding member of the now-disbanded trio 'Three At Last' (also here on CD Baby). Her beautiful voice and harmonies, and her thoughtful, gentle lyrics are brought with passion and joy. Winner of a 2013 Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award, this CD is a dream realized. It was woven with love, and with tasteful musical contributions from some fine Sonoma County musicians. The text below is from the liner notes of the CD: Twilight Comes Tiptoeing is the result of a combination of my restless passion for singing and my child's early years. Most of these lullabies were born on a rocking chair while I rocked and sang my baby boy to sleep. I have known no greater sweetness, no greater depth of connection, than those times. As I would rock and sing to him, my mind would wander to soothing, gentle images that found their way into my songs. Recording this CD was a journey in itself. It took years for me to finally do it. At the time of this recording, my "baby" boy was 12 years old, and he appears here singing on two songs! It was so much fun to do, and wonderful to have the help of so many great contributing musicians. These lullabies have been "field-tested" over time and proven to work wonders! I have taught many of them to families in my early childhood music classes, and they have become favorites at naptime and bedtime. It is my fondest hope that you will learn these songs and sing them to your children. Insert your child's name, make up new words (...time to go to sleep T-rex?), make them your family's own. Nothing quite equals the sweetness of singing quietly to a child; it is one of the most nurturing things we can do as parents. When you sing a lullaby, you give your heart and love in a musical way just when your child is sleepy and receptive. Children love to be sung to for many years. Keep it up - even eight and nine year-olds love to share in this way! I can remember my mother and father singing at my bedside, my father sometimes playing his guitar to help me fall asleep. These memories are precious indeed. The song 'Twilight Comes Tiptoeing' is the first lullaby I created, when my son Loren was just 7 months old. Tired of singing the same lullabies every day, I just kept making up new ones! The most recent, 'Roll Away,' written in 2010, is almost more for me than for my son. I hope you find it soothing at the end of a long day like I do. 'Nani' is in both Greek and English. The two songs I did not write, 'Star of the County Down' (from Ireland), and 'Si Hei Lwli' (from Wales), are both traditional, adapted by me. I wrote the English words for Si Hei Lwli. Thanks to all the musicians who played so beautifully, and to Matt Wright at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati, CA for his guidance and attention to detail. Thanks to my mom and dad for instilling a love of music in me so early in my life. Thanks, as always, to Michael for his constant support and encouragement, and for all the nights our child got to drift off to sleep with both his parents singing. A last note: Ginger's strong respect for the earth and committment to the environment is reflected in the CD's packaging. Green forestry practices, all vegetable inks, biodegradeable, recyclable, and made with recycled content - only the disc itself is plastic!

Title: Twilight Comes Tiptoeing
Genre: Children's
Artist(s): Ginger Parish
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 12/10/2012
Product Type: CD
UPC: 700261371719
Item #: 516940X

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