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Better Way
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CD $19.98

A Better Way was created by Ellen Weintraub and Karen Sheintoch. These two sisters were born in the sixties to parents who wanted to enrich their family's life through a different living experience. So, when the girls were young, the family moved to London where they lived for eight years. Thus they began their existence of always being different: in England they were known as the 'Americans' and in the U.S. friends and family called them 'the Brits'. Life experiences were valued more than material things. For instance, birthdays were celebrated at favorite restaurants and presents came in the form of trips. Ellen and Karen learned early on that there are many ways to live, that no one way is the 'right' way, and that the enjoyment of the process was more important than the end result. Once Ellen and Karen became mothers, their appreciation of the values they learned as children grew. With the age of technology, increased materialism and sedentary lifestyle of the times, the sisters found it very challenging to reinforce these values in their own children. Thus they developed the Fun1 music and movement programs. Born from the lessons learned in their childhood, but evolved to meet the needs of today's families, Ellen and Karen hope to give children today skills they can carry with them through a lifetime of physical and emotional health and well being. Their mini-mantras, sung to varied and catchy music, are designed to provide children with tools to use so they can sing their way to positive life choices and be the best they can be. The Fun1 music is childlike and friendly. The song words are repetitious, fun to sing, but with meaning. Sometimes the songs incorporate increased levels of maturity. This serves several purposes. Songs learned in childhood tend to stick for life (i.e. 'Yankee Doodle'). As children mature, so do the meanings of the Fun1 songs. It has been reported that grown ups listen to the Fun1 songs even without children in their car! Also, if adults are listening, it will offer them the benefit of using a song over time to help illuminate issues with their child with some concrete suggestions to help on follow through. Watch out!!! The next CD from The Fun1's, Better Yet! Is coming soon.

Title: Better Way
Genre: Children's
Artist(s): The Fun1's
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 8/9/2005
Product Type: CD
UPC: 634479206849
Item #: SRD920684
This product is a special order

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