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Every Room in My House

Every Room in My House

  • By Eric Dash
  • Release 11/21/2006
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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CD $19.98

Product Notes

Eric Dash's "Every Room In My House" is the fourth album of children's music by the singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon. His first three albums, "Take Me To the Park," "I Like You," and "Pancake Pie" are enjoyed all over by the pre-school crowd. However, with "Every Room In My House" Eric has begun writing for older kids. Eric has been singing to children for 20 years now at schools, sing-alongs and community concerts. He sometimes sings from a stage, but more often in a large circle, sitting on a floor with parents and kids alike. He has written songs for a children's musical, performed from Martha's Vineyard to Oregon, and taught song presentation workshops. His albums include songs about piano-playing cats, taking rides on dinosaurs, a girl whose nose comes loose (and falls into her orange juice!), a king who eats his beard, the stuff he carries around in his pockets and more (like every room in his house!). Each song is addressed to some part of the imagination - often part you didn't know was there! He grew up in New Jersey, in the suburbs of New York City. He studied the piano from age 7, but listened to all kinds of music. The Weavers and Pete Seeger left an early mark on him. And when he heard bob Dylan, he decided to pick up a guitar himself. His first songs were written about his life in high school. Eric went off to Bennington College in Vermont, studied music writing and eventually got a Masters in music composition. While he was working on his Masters, he also became a jazz pianist, studying with Lennie Tristano. But during all the jazz and chamber music years, Eric kept writing songs on his guitar. He moved to Oregon in 1980. After his first child was born (he has two children) his song writing became more and more focused on whatever age his kids were when he was writing. In 1985 he started putting the songs on albums. Eric has written over 150 songs, about a third of which are for children. His roots and inspiration come primarily from folk music, but his albums feature a variety of influences. On "Every Room In My House" you can hear folk, bluegrass, rock and a cappella, banjos, wah wah pedals, harmonicas piccolos and fiddles. But whatever the kind of music, Eric has produced an exciting collection of songs that will stay in your head and tickle your emotions. They are songs that respect children and get them dancing at the same time. And they will latch on to the child in the parents' hearts, too.


Artist: Eric Dash
Title: Every Room in My House
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 11/21/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 607215000421
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