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Lavender & Morning Sun

Lavender & Morning Sun


~ Ellen Roos

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CD $14.98
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Product Notes

Executive producer of a radio show in Seattle points out: I have searched and searched for the gentleness of message she created here. Few others I've heard manage to communicate the tenderness without seeming trite and ordinary.... A true gift! Tom Cooper, Professor of Mass Communication & former Assistant to Marshall McLuhan: In my humble view, Ellen is a master of lyrical, melodic, poetic, and rhythmic intervals which strike the matching interval we all share with Nature and the Divine. Journey Magazine notes: I found myself totally enmeshed in the soothing tones and rich harmonies. Here is the mother I had never known weaving magical spells in songs of love ...I wanted her to sing forever.... Meditation Magazine exclaims: The album has love and a sound that can lift us all up.... If we could all greet the morning with this energy, no one would want to lay in bed... groaning. I think songs like this help us to heal our planet. Psychotherapist from St. Louis remarked: Your music needs to be in every home, like chicken soup. It is wonderful! First grade teacher from Phoenix writes: I taught my first grade the (Peace Medley) and they loved it and sang it from the bottom of their little hearts. This song has had such a strong effect upon my classroom. The kids just do not fight with each other anymore. This especially thank you for! A mother from Israel: [Our daughter] would come into our room, take the tape, put it on, and just sit and sing. Something very deep was tapped in her. She has some learning disabilities, and finds remembering things hard, but after two or three hearings of the tape, she had the words down pat. A woman from British Columbia writes: Your new tape is so gorgeous... it is a work of love rushing out through every song.... The deep caring touches my heart. What a piece of heaven.

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    Artist: Ellen Roos
    Title: Lavender & Morning Sun
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 5/22/2007
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637288438
    UPC: 634479550645
    Item #: SRD955064
    This product is a special order