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~ Danna Banana

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CD $12.98
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Product Notes

2001 CHILDREN'S MUSIC WEB AWARDS WINNER! --Best Recording for Young Children (4-7) --Best Song for Older Children 'Eleventy-Four' 2001 JOHN LENNON SONGWRITING CONTEST GRAND PRIZE WINNER in Children's Category for 'What Would You Do?' Danna Banana writes and sings wonderful, funny songs for children. Trained as an opera singer, he originally wrote the material to entertain his own kids when he was away from home working, and it's this music that he developed into 'Bananappeal'. 'I try to write songs the way kids think,' says Danna Banana, 'their joys, their sorrows, what they think is funny, or gross, or fascinating. There's so much there! I approach a subject the way a kid would--with great curiousity and an incredible sense of wonder.' Maybe that's why Danna Banana can create such wonderful songs out of subjects as diverse as math anxiety (Eleventy-Four), being different (What Would You Do?), and bodily functions (Take It Outside). He's also got a popular dance number that gets kids on their feet and moving (The Goofball), a silly ode to a silly name (John Banana Milkshake), and a quiet lullaby that invariably puts children right to sleep (Time For Bed). Bananappeal is written with a kind of humor and understanding unique in children's music, and the band -- featuring Peter Caigan on drums, Hank Bones on bass and guitars and Peter Moffitt playing a mean piano--gives the record a warm, homey sound. Spend a little time with Danna Banana, and pretty soon you'll find yourself under the spell of his undeniable 'bananappeal'!

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    Artist: Danna Banana
    Title: Bananappeal
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 6/5/2001
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637263092
    UPC: 660355926327
    Item #: SRD592632