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It's Music Time

It's Music Time


~ Claud Rivers

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CD $19.98
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Product Notes

Claud Rivers is a composer, author, poet, trainer and educator. He holds a B.S. degree in Music Education from Knoxville College, attended the Carl Orff Institute in Austria and completed the U.S. Army's Management Review and Analysis Course. He's also done further study at Brigham Young University, Oklahoma State University, George Washington University and Hampton University. He decided to write songs for the "It's Music Time" CD because a good friend said the students in her childcare classes didn't have many good and wholesome songs to sing. That friend was Evette Jemerson, who is also the featured vocalist on the CD. "It's Music Time" is a collection of ten original songs written by Claud. The songs inspired him to produce a piano and arts and craft book to make it a series. The books can be purchased at the "Riviera Music" website to your left. The ten songs include the "Happy, Happy Birthday" song which is always a welcomed change to sing for children's birthdays. The songs all convey at least one learning concept that is also part of regular classroom learning. Each CD has the lyrics to each song inside the provided green insert. These songs promote the incorporation of arts into the classroom concept. The CD has the song with vocal tracks (male/female) followed by the music tracks only (music tracks not provided for the Christmas songs). Recording the CD in this format allows the teacher/user to use a song during rehearsal or a performance without a piano accompanist. The arts and crafts book gives at least three hands-on activities for each song on the CD. This series is a great musical resource and can be utilized by classroom teachers and interested parents. A great use for the CD is to help your child learn a song and then record the child singing along with the track and send it to a loved one. A great surprise for loved ones not living close by (i.e. deployed military parents or aunts, uncles or grandparents in another city). Imagine sending a deployed parent a copy of his/her child or children singing the happy birthday song (inserting their name) for the parent's birthday....PRICELESS!! This CD is great for parents who want to sing with their child/children or as a resource for anyone in a classroom setting. Several of the songs are in the popular "Rap" style. If your child likes singing...this CD will become one of his/her favorites.

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    Artist: Claud Rivers
    Title: It's Music Time
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 4/4/2006
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637251811
    UPC: 634479282577
    Item #: SRD928257
    This product is a special order