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Bear's Tail & Other Animal Tales

Bear's Tail & Other Animal Tales


~ Cindy Rivka Marshall

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CD $10.98
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Product Notes

Bear's Tail and other Animal Tales Winner of Storytelling World Award Winner of Parents' Choice Award Review by Dr. Flora Joy These seven animal stories from across the globe are adaptations inspired by traditional tales that were pleasantly modified for greater listener interest and appeal. Many are origin stories, explaining the development of a peculiar physical or environmental phenomenon, such as why the bear has such a short tail (in the title story) or how the sun and moon came to be (in 'Porcupine and the Sky'). Children will be charmed by Marshall's delightful and soothing delivery and will be enchanted with her vocal effects, as with the song in 'Turtle's Music.' The stories will also initiate discussions about life's choices (via 'A Gift for the Hoopoe' when all the hoopoe birds wished for diamond crowns), or cleverness (as in 'Monkey and Crocodile' when the chief croc demanded the monkey's heart for his birthday dinner). These animal adventures are full of fun and are rich food for thought. Dr. Flora Joy ©2010 Parents' Choice Album Notes: Bear's Tail and other Animal Tales Cindy Rivka Marshall, Storyteller Music performed by Marytha Paffrath Recorded by Dave Newman, Glasshouse Recording Studio 1) Bear's Tail 6:23 Norway 2) A Gift for the Hoopoe 6:44 Jewish / Middle East 3) Turtle's Music 6:55 Brazil, Indigenous 4) Monkey and Crocodile, 7:14 India, Jataka tale 5) The Song of the Baby Birds 6:50 Liberia, Mende This version adapted in collaboration with Lani Peterson 6) Tale of the Trusty Tiger 6:54 China, Ch'ing dynasty 7) Porcupine and the Sky 8:24 Siberia Marytha Paffrath: 1)recorder; 2)dumbek; 3)hand percussion; 4)djembe; 5)balafon; 6)hand percussion; 7)xylophones, bombo Cindy Rivka Marshall : vocals and recorder on 2 & 3 These stories are my own versions, inspired by but often significantly departing from traditional variants. For some of the many written versions, see: 1) Virginia Haviland, "Favorite Fairy Tales Told in Norway" 2) Peninnah Schram, "Jewish Stories One Generation Tells Another" 3) Pleasant deSpain, "Eleven Turtle Tales" 4) Jane Yolen, "Favorite Folktales From Around the World" 5) Margaret Read MacDonald, "Tuck-Me-In Tales" 6) Moss Roberts, "Chinese Fairy Tales and Fantasies" 7) Katherine Davison, "Moon Magic" Dedicated to my children, Jeremy (year of the monkey) and Mikayla Jin (year of the tiger.) Thanks to Annie Goglia for support and coaching, to Lani Peterson for collaboration, and to Kathy, for everything.

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    Artist: Cindy Rivka Marshall
    Title: Bear's Tail & Other Animal Tales
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 11/2/2010
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637654516
    UPC: 884501359160
    Item #: SRD135916
    This product is a special order