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Life Circles
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CD $18.98

Dear listeners, I remember, when I was a very young girl, dancing with my father in the living room, listening to our favorite albums. My sister and I would take turns placing our tiny feet on our dad's feet. When I was barefoot, I could feel the bones of his feet move up and down through the soles of mine like piano keys playing. His gait was much wider than ours, and sometimes he would take us by surprise and swing his step around really fast. We would awkwardly keep hanging on, bouncing and swinging, giggling and squealing. It was so much fun! I remember my mother's radiant smile and laughter as she watched her husband and girls dance - a great souce of joy for her- for all of us. It was so simple - music, dancing and our parents love and their full engagement with us. It wasn't like that every day, but these are my favorite kind of childhood memories. After becoming a parent myslf, I realized it was challenging to find that family time together. It's hard for many families these days. This is my wish for you: that your family has many moments of full engagement, love and connectedness; that you are able to find the time to sit, relax, and listen to this CD together. If this happens I will have fulfilled my purpose. When we turn down the volume of our busy outer worlds and focus inward, we can hear a pure, simple, sweet chord - the chord that rings through all of us. When we are still enough to listen deeply, it resonates so fully and beautifull, it evokes an unsurpassable joy. This is the celebration of the human spirit. If I have been so blessed to have touched the 'chord' in you, please extend the experience to those who enter and those you love in your Circle of Life. In Harmony, Carrie Higgins.

Title: Life Circles
Genre: Children's
Artist(s): Carrie Higgins
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 7/9/2012
Product Type: CD
UPC: 635961189329
Item #: 208693X

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