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Captain Gravy : Captain Gravys Wavy Navy

Captain Gravy : Captain Gravys Wavy Navy


~ Captain Gravy

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CD $16.98
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Product Notes

Hey Gang! Captain Gravy here. The entire Wavy Navy is EXceptionally EXcited and EXhilarated to EXpediently invite you to EXperience an EXplosive CD of EXtraordinary EXcellence! Give Captain Gravy's Wavy Navy a listen and ask your ears what they think. Then visit me at and tell me what YOU think. Right now, I'm aboard the magical Hip Ship with friends David Cooper and Jeff Katz who created the ENergizing and ENjoyable ENtertainment. I ENthusiastically ENdorse Captain Gravy's Wavy Navy for kids of all ages. My Wavy Navy features Rayadar, the spirit of a beautiful Indian princess as Chief Navigator; Walter Wannabe, a Bronx pigeon who thinks he's a parrot; Happy the Clam, whose sly humor and optimistic spirit has the power to make everyone Happy; Manny-T, the 2000 pound soulful manatee (He's the lover of the sea); Blues the Frog, who says everything twice because he thinks it sounds so nice.

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    Artist: Captain Gravy
    Title: Captain Gravy : Captain Gravys Wavy Navy
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 9/14/2004
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637240821
    UPC: 634479043147
    Item #: SRD904314
    This product is a special order