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6 Traits Writing with Miss Jenny & Friends

6 Traits Writing with Miss Jenny & Friends


~ Miss Jenny & Friends

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CD $18.98
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Product Notes

Children learn to improve as writers using this information-packed music. If you order the digital version of this product, please e-mail 'MIss Jenny' at to receive a FREE 64-page book including all lyrics, along with parent and teacher-friendly teaching ideas. These are some things that customers have said about 'Miss Jenny's Edutunes:' 'My students love your CDs! They cheer every time I turn on the CD player. Your CDs are the only ones I use. The kids have copies of your books in their desks so they can take them out whenever I turn on the CD player. It's the most fun reading practice we have! We love you, Miss Jenny!' - Dawn Dershem, Teacher 'I LOVE THE SONGS! This has added the spark and support my kids need and love to make learning fun! I love the research-based approach, and I find the extension activity suggestions, such as hand movements and additional activities, very helpful. I teach a remedial reading class, and my students are really responding to these songs. ' -Jana Roan, Teacher "I've spent multiple hours comparing rhythms and lyrics in various learning songs, in search of THE ideal collection of songs - that I've been fortunate enough to not only have found it, but to have stumbled upon music that aligns the standards profoundly! This music comes highly recommended and is undeniably worth using as a supplement to instruction!" -Naphtali Quisenberry, Teacher/Master's Student; CA Copyright Information: Publisher:, Inc. All Songs written by: Jennifer Fixman-Kramer. Musical Production: Randy Renner. David Beldock. Vocals: Jennifer Fixman, David Beldock. All songs, including music, lyrics, and accompanying artwork, are owned by Jennifer Fixman-Kramer, Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Recordings may not be reproduced for any reason without permission of Jennifer Fixman-Kramer. Specifically, reproduction of audio recordings for individual use, for an entire school, for an entire school district, or for commercial use is strictly prohibited. Please contact "Miss Jenny" at for information on licensing songs.

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    Artist: Miss Jenny & Friends
    Title: 6 Traits Writing with Miss Jenny & Friends
    Genre: Children's
    Release Date: 6/13/2013
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5638140305
    UPC: 800481000328
    Item #: 797653X